Sanding services

Holmwood & Co can sand back your existing floorboards and restore them to their rightful glory. Most houses in the UK have wooden floorboards, although they may be hidden under carpet or lino. Old boards often look awful when first revealed with glue residue, staples, gaps between the boards and even holes. All of this can be repaired! If you already have wooden floors but they are looking a bit scuffed and worn, we can restore those too.

We sand right back to bare boards, making repairs as necessary along the way. We then apply a primer and at least two coats of polyurethane (lacquer) to ensure a hard wearing finish. The choice of finish is up to you – we offer a shiny gloss, a semi gloss or a matt finish.

To have your floorboards sanded and restored, all the furniture will need to be removed from the room and it will be out of action for the duration of the job. We have to be very careful to keep the floor absolutely clean until the final coat is on to ensure the optimum finish.

If you are not sure whether your floor is suitable for sanding, give us a call or email and we will happily come and have a look and talk to you about your options.