Which type of wood floor is right for you?

The three main types of floorboards which are commonly available are explained here. Holmwood & Co can supply and fit all of these for you. Solid and engineered boards can be sanded back and re finished and we can do that too.

  1. Solid Wood. Often seen as the premium option, solid wood floorboards are made of nothing but wood. The type of wood can be anything which is milled but common varieties are oak, walnut, beech and ash. Wood from different species of trees make floorboards of different colours and with varying amounts of grain visible. Solid wood floorboards are the most expensive option.
  2. Engineered Floorboards. These floorboards are made of plywood with a veneer of solid wood on the top. They are usually a cheaper option because you are paying for less solid wood. They are available pre finished with lacquer or oil, or unfinished so that you can choose to stain, lacquer or oil the boards after they are laid. An engineered floor is less susceptible to warping and bending as the plywood base makes it very structurally strong.
  3. Laminates. These are manufactured boards made of plastic designed to look like wood. Some of them are good imitations and can offer a budget friendly option. These are not suitable for wet areas (bathrooms, kitchens or laundries) as the thin laminate on top can easily lift if they get wet.